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Received my First One (1) star review today thru Google!

Level 8

So I received a phone call at 11:30 AM this morning from a non-client asking to have a tax return filed today.  I may have overreacted with a chuckle and words close to it's not going to happen by me.  Person then hung up and a few minutes later called back commenting on my 5 Star reviews and they would only give me a one star for my chuckle. 🙂 My response to the second call was "whatever".

Sorry but it's the 15th of April and I've been doing this daily since the beginning of the year!  Looking forward to going home and sleeping soundly tonight..





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Level 11

I had someone leave a fake review for me.. I never even did the person's return.. never heard of them nor are they in my system.. took my 5.0 star 81 review score to 4.9 with 82 reviews now.

Level 15

I apologize for doing that to you Jim, but I was really bored that day 😜

I never pay attention to that stuff, so if I was rated a zero, it wouldn't bother me.  On a positive note, that would keep the kind of people that call you on April 15th from calling 😁

Slava Ukraini!
Level 15
Level 15

I dont have any reviews, I try to keep my business off any of these online sites, but Ive heard it said that you can report those that are fake to get them removed.

At minimum, Id add a response that this isnt a client and you have no idea who they are.