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What is the status of Ohio Form IT WH

Level 2

Form IT WH is new this year.  The Proseries message says that form won't be final until 2/11/2021.  I think this means we can't print any  Ohio returns until 2/11.   

I understand the scheduling for e-filing, but I really need to get returns out the door and not bottle necked until 2/11.

Any suggestions?

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Level 11

I don't have any suggestions but I'm in the same boat as you.  I thought I would be able to print the stack I have here today but realized I can't.  I can't even imagine how many returns I'll have to print if I can't do it until February 11th.

Level 1

I spent over 2 hours with tech support to be told the same thing.  What the heck@!!  We are going to be so stacked up it's not funny.

Level 2

I've been with Proseries for 20+ years and it seems like this stuff gets worse each year.  In past years it was city returns which I somewhat get as this is unique to Ohio.  But this affects the entire state.  I gotta wonder if the Lacerte platform has the same problem.  Are they getting better service at our expense.

It's not just a work flow problem; it's a cash flow problem.  I can't bill/collect for returns I haven't delivered.  If this doesn't resolve before 2/11 I'll be using a new vendor next year.

Level 11

Agreed.  I also have gotten used to the cities not being ready and would do them from PDF forms from the cities websites until ProSeries finalized them.  Not being able to print the state is ridiculous and like you said it has an impact on cash flow.

@Orlando Can you tell us why we are unable to print the state when the return is being efiled?



Intuit Alumni

My understanding is that certification of forms for efile and forms for print are independent, and have different time tables.  I imagine the first involves making sure we're setting all the fields correctly for an electronic schema; the second involves making sure we're printing out the form exactly as the state wants with nothing extra or off kilter and all the customer info is going in where it needs to go with the right font, etc.

But, caveat, I'm multiple levels removed from all that - so my understanding is fuzzy at best.