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Transferring to my new computer

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 I have a new computer and want to easily transfer everything to it. What is the easiest way to do that?


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Level 15

This is the simplest way, but it doesn't pull over any of your program options, it just gets the clients moved.

I also Copy and replace the ProSeries COMMON folder from the old to the new computer, to get the options to follow as well.

And I 'think' once you get the common folder over to the new system, you may not have to even have to update the EF acknowledgements, I think those will move over as well.


Install ProSeries on the new computer.

On the old computer, open ProSeries and highlight all your client files.  Choose File > Client File maintenance and Copy/backup all the files to a flashdrive.

Open ProSeries on new computer.

Click File > Client File maintenance and choose Restore.  Highlight all the files on the flashdrive and restore to the new computer.

Now run the Homebase Database Maintenance, that should sync HB up.   

You'll then want to open the EF Center, highlight all your client files and choose to Update Selected Acknowledgements to pull all the EFile information into the new computer.

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HI..I need to move ProSeries 2019 from my C drive to my D drive.  If I merely move the ProWin19 folder from C to D I get error messages when I open it.  I'm thinking I could follow the instructions you detail for moving from an old computer to a new one.  I'll backup the client files and make a copy of the common folder, then delete ProSeries 2019 from the computer (C drive) and reinstall it on the D drive, then restore the clients and copy the COMMON folder to the new installation then update e-file acknowledgements.  You think that will do it?

Many thanks...



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Level 15

If you moved it from C to D, try downloading the software and when you are installing it, tell the little computer guy in your computer to install it to your D drive instead of the default of C.

Slava Ukraini!
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