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Recovery rebate worksheet

John H
Level 2

I have a couple MFJ with no chldren and they did not get a simulas check during 2020 becasue their AGI was too high on filed returns for 2019 and 2018. Now for the 2020 return their AGI is below $150,000.  Issue: the Proseires Recovery credit worksheet is calcualting a recovery creidt of $2,472.   How could the credit be more than $2,400 ( $1,200 x 2)   ?

Proseries support is telling me that this is correct but without knowing why? 

Can someone with a definitive answer  tell me that this is possible and why or that this is wrong  which  I beleive is the case 


John Hayes 

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Level 15

Unless you want Vladimir Putin using your e-mail address, you might want to delete it from your post.

What was the actual AGI on the return?

Slava Ukraini!
Level 15

You've forgotten to include EIP#2  $600x2  in your calculation

Level 15

And it sounds like they got all but $72 of the second round, which must have been based on 2019 income and not 2018 like the first round.  

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John H
Level 2

Yes  I realized that last night  You are exactly right!  I did not consider EIP#2  $600x2  

thanks for everyone's input