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Power of Attorney

Level 2

I have a return where the client's daughter, who supplied the tax documents (w2s etc), has signed her name on the 8879 but has appended the "as power of attorney for [name of client].  What is my obligation as the ERO?  Do I have to have the POA, and do I transmit with the return?

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Level 11

I would get a copy for my own file documentation.  I would also explore the reason for the POA.

Unless you know all the parties anyone could say they have POA and then direct a refund into their own account, nefariously. 

Level 2

Thank you.  Unbelievable that you cannot get an answer on the IRS site that is straightforward.  I know from working with this client that a substantial amount of dementia has crept in over the last few years, so none of this comes as a surprise.  I have already reached out to get the POA and assuming it looks good, I will file based on the POA's authorization.  Appreciate the message....