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Pay per return for 2018 Form 990 - filing in 2020 - my 2018 software is not allowing me to increase account balance

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I am trying to print out a 2018 Form 990 but my 2018 Pro Series software is saying I need to go into my account to increase account balance and have a current 2019 software package which I have.  When I did that, I get a message at checkout that says I am increasing my 2019 pay per return balance.  I want to increase 2018 but the 2018 system is not giving me a code to increase the 2018 year account balance.  Very frustrating.

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Level 14

I haven't used pay per return in several years, but if you open the return you want to print, then go to tools, authorize returns. Then a window will open allowing you to increase balance. You should then be able to print. As I remember there is no code.

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i am trying to print 2018 & 2019 1020S 

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I tried to print out previous years,   it will not allow me unless I renew this year.

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That’s the infamous fast path fee coming back to bite.  No fee, no print.

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