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Is Arizona 140 supported or not?

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Was on a continuing ed webinar which included Arizona Dept of Revenue.  They said to check their website to make sure that our software was an authorized e-file vendor.  Went to the following website:  https://azdor.gov/e-services/approved-vendors

And lo and behold, ProSeries is listed as being NOT Authorized for the standard AZ 140 (for individuals)!

I thought, maybe it is just that the authorization for 2020 hadn't gone through yet, but they aren't listed for 2019 or 2018 either.

I have used ProSeries to efile AZ returns before.  But I have also asked for ProSeries to actually provide some kind of verification not only was the tax return filed - but which specific forms (which I would also like to see for the Federal - what actually gets transmitted so that inadvertent notes don't get transmitted). 

Since ProSeries isn't even listed as an authorized vendor (Lacerte, TurboTax, and ProConnect all are), then how do I know that they include all of the appropriate forms?

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Maybe @IntuitBettyJo can affirm that PS will be authorized by the time we can e-file. I agree that the AZ spreadsheet says they are not. 

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But why does the spreadsheet also say that previous years were not authorized?

It is now late on Friday, so I can't CALL Intuit to ask.  And they don't have an email address that I could send this to or a chat. Wish there was some electronic way of contacting them directly instead of through public boards - where there is no guarantee that someone from Intuit will address it.

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That spreadsheet was last updated on January 8 (two weeks ago). 

The director of the Arizona Department of Revenue was fired on December 30, because the governor thought he was taking a policy position when he said they would prepare for a new 2021 tax passed by voter initiative in November.  He had only been in the job since September 2019.  You might call the place a "revolving DoR." 


A few years ago they fired most of their auditors.  Then they noticed that collections had decreased, so they hired a lot of new ones.  It's that kind of place.  

A couple years ago I got a lot of calls from people who had mailed checks with their returns on April 15, that had not been cashed by Memorial Day.  Some of the amounts were in five figures.  Turns out it was good practice for Covid the next year.  It's that kind of place.  

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The 2019 spreadsheet has one line that says they're approved for "ProSeries and TurboTax."  But then it has another line that says "No" to ProSeries.  

Doesn't Intuit have a large LaCerte staff in Tucson?  Maybe they're just trying to encourage them to move to Texas.  

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Level 15

ProSeries supports AZ returns...Im confused on the question. 

The 140 shows final already and able to be efiled on Jan 28th.


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The question was:

Why the AZ DOR Approved Vendor list has "No" by most of the boxes for individual tax forms for "Intuit, Inc. / ProSeries" (for instance as approved on Dec 26, 2019 for 2020)?

And I think the answer may be that ProSeries Basic was probably lumped in on the line "ProSeries and TurboTax" (as approved on 12/19/19).  But ProSeries Professional probably went through a separate approval for the fiduciary portion of the software - and that is listed separately.  Or at least that is my guess.

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It shows: "Approved TY2020 efile vendors (Individual and Fiduciary Income Tax) Last Updated: 1/8/2021"

Intuit is Approved, for ProSeries.

It shows: "No = Vendor does not support this form"

So this isn't quite the condition: "And lo and behold, ProSeries is listed as being NOT Authorized for the standard AZ 140 (for individuals)!"

The status is that Intuit won't have that form ready in ProSeries until the form is released as Lisa pointed out. Did you click on the "i" icon?

"What's new for ProSeries/Arizona

The following items are new for tax year 2020:

  • Standard Deduction. The Arizona standard deduction amount will now match the federal standard deduction ($12,400 single/married filing separate, $18,650 head of household, $24,800 married filing joint).


The Arizona Department of Revenue has approved for filing all forms and schedules included in ProSeries/Arizona.


Electronic filing General information for electronic filing:



You can file returns electronically with this version of ProSeries/Arizona.

For a list of forms that can be e-filed, go to What's New This Year in Help Center."


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