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If I only want to file the state return, but the state requires the federal return to be included, do I have to pay for both to efile the state return?

I want to efile the wisconsin franchise tax return (Form 5S) for an S corp. I only want to efile the state return as the federal 1120S was filed on paper (not through pro series), but the state return requires the federal forms to be included. So my question is, can I just pay to efile the state return and it will automatically include the federal forms or do I have to pay for the federal forms too? I'm asking cause if I try to print the state return with just the State/City Return(s) box checked and the Federal forms for State(if required) box checked (the federal return box is uncheck) it charges me for both so do I need to pay for both to efile just the state return? if I efile the state return without paying for the federal return, will it still include the federal forms with the state return? I'm using pro series professional. I need to do it for multiple years (since 2014) so will it be the same for all years?

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I don't the answer to your question but you can only efile 2020 and the prior 2 years as of today.

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Wisconsin isn't a piggyback state, but it wont get processed until the federal return has already been accepted.  This chart might help.



You could try attaching a copy of the federal return as a PDF to the state return and Efile it, se what happens.   Youre paying to print or file the federal return, so yes, if the state needs a copy of the federal, you'll need to pay for both.


Okay, I have already e-filed one state return this way for 2018 (without paying for the federal) and it went through and was accepted. I'm assuming it sent the federal forms as well, because why would they let me efile the return if  the federal forms are required but not attached. Is there any way to check or verify if the federal forms were sent as well? Is there a check box anywhere in the software that needs to be check to include the federal forms or is it automatic? I don't mind paying for the federal forms if that's what it takes, but I don't want to pay for them if it's not necessary. 

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