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Efiled personal return being held

Level 2

Is it too late to recall an individual return that has been transmitted but has not gone to the IRS?  I have a client that just gave me a late W-2 and would like to fix rather than amend if possible.

We are still in the period where the IRS is not yet accepting returns.


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Level 11

You can't get it back.  You can only hope it rejects or you'll need to do an amendment. 

Level 15

If you look at the alert in the program regarding the e-filing during this period of time, you will find wording to the effect that there are no "take backs".  You are better off holding returns yourself instead of letting Intuit do that for you in the event that you do have clients that like to keep bringing in tax forms after you have the return completed.

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Level 10

On a side note, the E-file counter had serious issues, thankfully ACME had the parts in stock, and it was not cheap.

1.Turbo muffler bearing with dual grease fittings.

2 Hinge flusher valve with eccentric polyethene glycol seals.

3. Digital numbers that will generate a count greater than 999,999.

It all came together well!!

Level 15

Just for reference: "just gave me a late W-2"

I googled it.

"January 31st is the deadline to file W-2s using Business Services Online or to submit paper Form W-2. If this date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, the deadline will be the next business day. January 31st is the deadline to distribute Forms W-2 to employee(s)."

Which means people will keep getting them in the mail this week and that's not late.

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Level 15

I guess we are in luck ----------------- those Turbo muffler bearings are almost impossible to find.

Slava Ukraini!