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Query Search for Child Tax Credit Client

Level 8

Too bad that you can't run a query from the Home Base to show all clients who received a child tax credit in 2020...WHICH WILL ALSO ALLOW YOU TO GET THE EMAIL ADDRESS FOR THOSE CLIENTS. I'd like to export the client's email address for those who received that credit in 2020 so that I can alert them to the IRS letter that I need to prepare their 2021 tax return. I can get the list of those who received the credit (part 1 of my problem)...but unless I open up each client file, I can't just export the list which will include the client email to make things simple...or can I?

Any help would be appreciated!


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Level 15

I think you are right, but the good news is they are going to receive that letter 6419 in January so hopefully the rumadumbs will not lose it or forget about it when they come in from February to April...

Level 8

That’s the problem with the queries. Those are all hard coded, so you can’t make any adjustments to them. Nice to have them but Intuit should migrate all of those queries over to a single homebase query like they introduced last year. That would allow you to export email addresses to communicate with clients better. Seems like a no-brainer feature addition for Intuit.

I’m sure they’ll get around to it in 2026.

Level 15

Can you set up a specialized HomeBase view with email addresses then export it ? 

Level 15

Why limit the email to those who claimed the credit last year? Babies are born every year. Others who did not qualify last year will be eligible this year, if their income dropped or they have “every other year” kids. My clients with grandkids might appreciate a tip that they could pass on to the younger people in their families. Most people know someone with children, right?

The nice thing about email is that it doesn’t cost anything. It just takes time to read them, so you don’t want to wear out your welcome to a client’s inbox.

So pick out several tax developments of general interest like this one, and tell all your clients about them, and suggest they forward the email to others. If it’s not smart marketing, it’s at least public service.