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Missing social security number

Hello Community, 

If an overseas resident reached out to you because her bank reached out to her about filing USA taxes, as she was born in the USA. However, she only lived in the U.S. for six months. She can't find her birth certificate, or social security number, if she ever had one. Not sure her next best steps? 

Thank you!! 


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A five-minute internet search will find information on how to get a copy of  a birth certificate.  Depending on her age, her parents might not even have applied for one.  Is she anywhere near a US consulate?  That might be the next step.  

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While SSN is issued at birth now, it used to be applied for once you needed it, typically mid-teen to late teenage years:

"In August 1987, SSA began a three-state pilot of the "Enumeration at Birth" ( EAB ) process in which the parent of a newborn can request an SSN as part of the state's birth registration process. Additional states began to participate in EAB in July 1988."

So, it's possible she never had one.

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