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Missing refund

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I efiled a Federal return 8 weeks ago and the client has still not had it deposited into her bank account.  Is there any way to get more info from the IRS?


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"Get my refund status" 

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failing the above, you would have to get a POA and call the practitioner hotline: 866 860 4259. 


call toward the end of the day (hrs are 7-7), I've been told the traffic is lower then. 

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hundreds of thousands of returns are sitting in limbo same as your client...IRS is just overwhelmed.

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Sadly this is also true the case even with e-filed returns. 

I e-filed a 2019 1120_S with late 2553 election/relief under 2013-30, and I just today got the confirmation that the election was approved. 

There are POAs that I sent months ago that have not been processed as far as I can tell. 

It probably won't go back to normal until next year, if that. 

However, it is also possible your client's return has been flagged for something. If you go on the "where's my refund" status page and it says "your return is still being processed" with no other info, it's probable that this is the case. 

Best of luck to you and your client. 

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