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Is there a way to change the level of security on sign-in?

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This isn't a tax question but it appeared to be the only option I had for venting my frustration.  It appears I am having to play a game every time I want to log in to my tax software.  I have to identify bicycles, crosswalks, vehicles, traffic lights, etc.  I don't have time for these games.  It makes sense to send a code to my phone but some of the objects in those pictures are somewhat unnoticeable or difficult to see.  I don't want to deal with the eye test if they are going to send a code to my phone anyway.  If it goes much longer and I can't convince my employer to use software from a different company, I might quit my job and look for a different employer.  I understand the value of security but saving time is equally important and I also appreciate the availability of human resources compared with almost purely automated assistance.  It is very, very difficult to find a human troubleshooter in the intuit system or to find the answers I need for problems that don't relate to tax (like simplifying security).  I have books and other resources for tax guidance.  Thank you.

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I havent seen one in at least a year now...the last time it plagued me I hit the X in the corner of that Captcha window and then it never came back.

Im guessing its related to cookies, but Im really not sure.

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I'm sorry for the frustration.  As Lisa is experiencing, the expectation is that users only get this a few times from any single machine. Because of the nature of our business, our systems are targets from bad actors and so we use a number of bank level safeguards to protect our systems. They should quickly recognize you're not a bad actor and stop, but sometimes something unique about a system keeps triggering the warning and subsequent check.

Some questions that might help with troubleshooting:

* Does this happen for you with any other web sites, like your bank?

* Are you running ProSeries on a single PC or laptop? Or are you running in a hosted environment or a virtual environment (like a PC image running on a Mac)?

* Did you or an IT person set up any sort of sophisticated network.. like are you always accessing the Internet via a VPN?