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If you schedule state (MD) pass through entity estimated tax payments via ProSeries, how do cancel payments after return is eFiled?

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Happy day...you have to call the state and pray that it works. 

After last year's debacle between Intuit and the IRS, I decided to throw down the gauntlet on this issue.  I believe that if clients are smart enough to buy stuff online, they are certainly smart enough to set up their online accounts with their state governments.  I am open to the idea that I am missing something from PS, but I never find out if payments made through PS are ever truly made until complaints start coming in. 

If the clients make the payment through the state's website, or if you make the payment on their behalf, you receive an instant confirmation that the payment was made. 

In almost all circumstances, I have been successful at teasing, cajoling and insulting my clients into submission and they now manage their payment arrangements themselves.  It is their obligation to pay it, not yours.  If they can't be bothered, I charge them for 30 minutes of my time and set them up with the state directly.  $200 bucks for setting up an online account is easy money.  Your time is valuable...you only get to sell it once. 

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