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HomeBase View is not updating automatically on workstations.

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Anyone else have the same issue?

I e-filed to Intuit some tax returns from the server, then I received the acknowledgement, but when I go and open my workstations in the EF Center appears just "Marked for EF" instead of "Received By Intuit" as the sever is showing.

I performed a DataBase Maintenance, in the server and in the workstations but still the same thing the information showing in the workstations is not accurate.

Any advice?

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Hi, sorry for the trouble. Is it possible we can have zoom session so I can understand the issue a little better? if it is, could you please send your contact information and best available time to ProSeries_Engineering@intuit.com? Also please include the link to this thread, so I can look for your info. Thanks.

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Good morning hieu, I sent you an email with my information yesterday but I didn't receive a zoom session yet.

Let me know if you can take a look on this morning.


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I am having the same issue. The workstation's homebase is not reflecting correct information. All of my workstations are doing this and I had a very difficult time getting them to install completely on the workstations this year.

Additionally, I am having program crash errors on my Admin computer. Proseries 2020 is not starting off well. I have used this program since the mid 90's. This year has been very frustrating to say the least.

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