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Homebase Printing

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I can't get a modified 1040  homebase to print for a select or all.  A preview of the print shows 6 continuous pages with only a single character on the page.  Not a listing of the clientele anywhere.  I can print from other homebase views just not the 1040.

Any suggestions for a resoltuion.  I've exhausted all I could think of.




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Intuit Alumni

I'm sorry for the frustration. I wasn't able to reproduce, which just either means something subtle is going on, I'm not understanding correctly or the problem is fixed in the version I have (which should be pretty close to the latest available - wPro.2020.04.00.23)

Here's what I did

1. Edited the default 1040 view via drag and drop. I also tried with a new Custom View.

2. Selected "HomeBase -> Print HomeBase". I also tried the toolbar button.

3. Any way I try it, I get the preview dialog below, with info as expected.



If i'm not doing it correctly, please let me know detailed steps. If that's what you're doing, a few thoughts come to mind:

- Make sure ProSeries is up to date

- Try a few combinations to see if we can narrow down the problem. For example, does the default 1040 view print? Does a custom 1040 view with just one column print? Maybe there's some value  or special character that ProSeries is choking on, like a value with an umlaut on it (I have no reason to think it wouldn't be ok with an umlaut, just a hypothetical).

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