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Form4972Inc Efile Error

Level 11

Getting a strange rejection error

If 'Form4972Ind' in the return is checked, then form 4972 must be attached to 'Form4972Ind'

I searched previous questions and found one back in early February, with an answer saying to resubmit.

I have done that a couple of times, shut down Proseries and restarted before the 2nd resubmittion. Still getting the message, the earlier post did not have a note that the OP ever figured something out. 

Any ideas I can try  would be appreciated.

BTW There is no retirement anywhere in the return, Couple are both still working. No 4972 has ever been included for this client.

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Level 15

It seems you asked twice and are being answered:



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Level 11

I wasn't sure if anyone would be monitoring the old thread, so I waited a while and then asked here. You are correct, that I did receive an answer. 

The other person attached a PDF of a 4972 and it worked for him, however that did not work for me. I have a couple of things I am planning to try. 

I just tried opening the 4972 - for the Taxpayer, and answered several of the questions, but didn't enter any amount. Didn't work - still rejected.

Next try I used the 4972-T I opened before and saved as a PDF, then attached and transmitted. Will update when I know if that worked.

I will keep trying and if anyone has any guesses I am open to trying them.

Gave up. Deleted the file, transferred over again, and reentered everything.

BTW If anyone else has this problem look at the top of Page 2, 1040 line 16 and see if the 4972 box is checked. Mine was but I didn't see that until I had deleted the file and was reentering. That would have been interesting to investigate and see what caused that.


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Randy Haynes
Level 4

I just got the same error. After a deep dive into the return, I discovered that for some unknown reason, the program had included an amount on the "Tax Smart Worksheet" Line C (Additional Tx from Form 4972) I removed that entry, and the problem was solved. Interestingly enough, the amount there was exactly the same as what I had entered for Charitable Contributions on 1040 Line 12b???

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