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Find Forms Link

Level 2

Is anyone having problems with the FIND FORMS button. I click on it and say's " The where do I enter feature is not available in this product". 


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Level 15
Level 15

If youre not connected to the internet that will happen, I thought I saw a firewall issue could be to blame as well.

@Orlando  did that other person a couple weeks back with the WDIE button that kept giving that message ever rectify the issue?  I know you were working with them on it.

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Intuit Alumni

Can you try this url in a browser?


You should get something like this:



If you get something about a connection error, like ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED, try restarting your router.  Most likely your DNS cache needs to be refreshed (that's the thing that translates human readable addresses like 'www.intuit.com' into numbers computers can understand.. like a phone book).

If that doesn't work

- Go to your start menu

- Type cmd

- Right click, choose run as admin

- Type ipconfig /flushdns

- Then try again. If you want to be extra sure, throw in a restart

Sometimes the DNS cache gets out of whack or out of date... like calling an old friend's number and being surprised when it's disconnected. The flush causes your computer to re-lookup all the numbers.