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Find Client not working in 2020

Level 5

I am having issues with the "find client" option on the homebase screen. When I click on it, a little square box opens up on the top left side. For 2019 and all prior years, a middle pop up screen used to come up where I can enter client last name, first name. When I used to enter last name and first name, boom client was right there highlighted. Now when I enter last name and first name, I can't client enter because when I search by last name if I have client's with the same last name, it populates all of them! WTF? 

Sorry but this is the worse and most upset update if this stands. Is there anyway to go back? I do my taxes on my program, and I put my last name and first name, guess what, my name is highlighted all over since I am there as main preparer

Is there any way to revert back to the old find client version? This is a disaster. When I search someone with last name Lopez, and first name, it pulls up ALL JOSES. Before, as I stated, search, done client filed opened. Please DO NOT tell me this is how it is now? 

One last thing, when I search by social security number, it starts populating all socials as I search. So the client right beside me can freely see who has a similar social security number to them? wow, and before I entered social and it only went directly to that person. Nice job at protecting client data Intuit! 
Is this for real or can I revert back?
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Thank you for the feedback and the detailed use cases. I will investigate and see what we can do.


We had to switch out the underlying database technology for the long term health of ProSeries. In so doing a number of experiences changed, depending on what the new technology supported by default (for example - Query, Find, Custom Views, Home Base Maintenance). Now that we have the core database changes delivered, we are going back and taking a second pass at the experiences to see if we can get them closer to what customers are used to.



Hi mvp2885,

I'm currently taking a look at this experience and would love to get your feedback on potential changes. Would you be willing to have a quick video chat with me to discuss? If so, please send an email to ProSeries_Engineering@intuit.com with the subject "Homebase Find - Nobles" and we can try to find a time that works for you to discuss.


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I like the new experience -- generic find -- it allows me to see all members of a specific family -- sometimes it is too much for common names but great for interconnected families with business/kids/....But, right now it does not seem to work, nothing happens...which is why I am searching the forum

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