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eSignature Personal Information Protection

Level 3

I have had several of my clients who utilized eSignature for 2022 Intuit tax forms.  After signing the forms, they began getting emails for DocuSign encouraging them to sign up for their services.  This looks like DocuSign is using Personal Information from Intuit tax information for their own use.  This is not good.

Has anyone else encountered clients who have gotten DocuSign emails after using eSignature to sign an Intuit tax document?  Is this a violation of the Privacy Act?  Is this an exposure to us who use Intuit eSignature?

When I heard this I was just surprised that it occurred so I thought that I would as the community for some insight.  Any thoughts?


Danny Gammon


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Level 9

Yes. It may be addressed in PROSERIES licensing information. Or you can complain to ProSeries for allowing it since your client information is supposed to be confidential.

Either way it is marketing on the part of Docusign.  I would suggest that the client unsubscribe to the Docusign emails and maybe even send a complaint to them since the client did not register for their service...ProSeries did.

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