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error when starting Pro20

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getting a BIN error when starting pro 20, tried uninstalling and reinstalling then error 18, the bin file error is 2021-02-07 (2).png

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I was working in the software from the original release date and everything was fine. Then I did an update on 2/5 and lost all access to the 2020. I get the same error message and spent 30 minutes on the phone with support yesterday to try and get it fixed. So far no luck. If you figure it out, please post the solution. Thank you. Nexus 

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Intuit Alumni

I'm sorry for the frustration. I've seen the Update Error 18 in two cases.

1) A file was really, really corrupt. I couldn't rename it, I couldn't move it, I couldn't delete it.  

2) With Avast AntiVirus installed - it's RansomeWare protection feature blocks our direction.  Do you have anything like that which could be interfering?  If so, I'd double check it and see if it has any of our directories or executables under watch or in quarantine.

Either way, the following worked

- Backing up any data files, just in case (i'd just copy in File Explorer the entire data directory)

- Rename [installation directory]\32bit to 32bit_backup

- Run the installer again

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