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efiled return completion of processing held by the IRS

Level 3

all my clients e-filed returns has received FORM 9325(ackns) with the exception of my own personal return. I have filed it on 2/7 at 2AM EST. Pro series folks claim they can't do anything as they are in the hands of the IRS and they refused to check my filed return for any issues(no issues simple return) and they claim several other clients are experiencing same issues,. Anyone ran through similar scenarios??

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I have one filed early yesterday just sitting in "Sent to IRS", have a few others sent today already accepted.

If It's still in limbo come Monday, I may start to get concerned, but not concerned enough to sit on hold with Proseries to get someone to tell me "there's nothing we can do"

Level 15
Level 15

They're punishing you for being up working at 2am this early in the season!  😉

Be grateful its your own return and not a client, give it a few days.   

If you highlight the return in the EFCenter, then use the Update Acks option, that seems to be the best way to shake them loose when they get stuck