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Efile Rejection - Dependent Filed On Their Own

Level 8

MFJ couple with daughter as dependent.  Efile was rejected due to daughter filing on her own.  I removed the daughter as a dependent and saved the file as a new name.  Two files appear on the EF screen, the Rejected file along with the new saved file as "Duplicate SSN/EIN".  Do I need to delete the initial file?  How can I efile the updated file with this "Duplicate" alert?

Thank you. 

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Level 15

I would delete the new file, correct the original file and you can then go ahead and e-file it.

Slava Ukraini!
Level 5

Unless I am missing something,  delete the dependent on the original return. It should now e-file. Delete the backup file.

Level 15
Level 15
why save it as a new file? I dont understand.
Just fix the original file, get rid of the new one you saved.