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economic stimulus and child tax credit

Level 1

1 parent claimed child last year and got credits. this year other parent is claiming and software is giving credit for last year AND this year with no chargeback to other parent. is there a way to account for this?

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Level 10

If you are referencing the ACTC then the original claimant must be under the income threshold to payback the advanced payment. If you mean the RRC then it's just the way it is.

You need to clarify what is last year and what is this yea, tax year, calendar year?

Level 15

"software is giving credit for last year AND this year"

No software that is Annual, is giving Both Years.

It helps to separate the two types of provisions you are asking about, so that the specifics apply only to each condition. Also, there is a difference between getting "credits" and getting funds in advance, so make sure to include who got what and when and how much, for each type of provision. Thanks.

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