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cp11 notice for using qualified dividend and capital gain tax worksheet instead of schedule d tax worksheet

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A 2020 individual tax return was prepared and locked March 27, 2021.  It appears that the ProSeries Professional return has improperly used the "Qualified Dividends and Capital Gains Tax Worksheet" instead of using the "Schedule D Tax Worksheet" due to a Form 4952 Investment Interest Expenses Deduction. These types of software errors cause serious pause in the continued use of this product and serious enough to re-read my firm's contract with Intuit to continue using ProSeries.

My assumption is that this type of error was extensive throughout ProSeries users who filed similar returns in March 2021, and I would like to hear from users who had similar results?

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There was some kind of error/glitch/issue (whatever you want to call it) regarding Sch D and the 4952 back in March, it was never formally acknowledged by Intuit but a fix did roll out at some point.

I know it was posted about in here when it was discovered if you want to go digging, but I dont think there was any info in the thread that would be helpful.

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