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Class A and Class B Lmtd Ptshp or LLC in ProSeries

Level 11

I handle a lot of shopping centers. Their ownership structure can be beyond horrible.  But one set I need assistance with.  Three centers with up to 30 different entities owning (my group owns a portion).  But every entity is a LP or LLC with Class A (regular ownership) and Class B (disregarded entity). Typically Class A in this type of venture operates like preferred stock.  They get for example the first 7% of income. Class B gets apportioned the excess, but again, it's a disregarded entity.

ProSeries is very basic in this regard. It gives 4 choices (% of ownership, % of profit sharing, % of loss sharing and special allocations).

In my mind I have no ability to force the 7% to Class A and the balance to Class B with anything other than an Excel spreadsheet and all Special Allocations, not using any percentages within ProSeries.  Does any one have experience in this and can offer another method?

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Level 15

I am guessing you are stuck with the Excel spreadsheet.  But as a side note, you really have to rethink these shopping center clients.  How are you ever going to keep up with Jim if you have those things dragging you down like a boat anchor? 😉

Slava Ukraini!