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Are some of your clients dumber than dirt?

Level 7

Client is in her late thirties with a seventeen year old son.  Son in school has a part time job-no idea about earnings but is smart enough to use an app to file and claim himself and short his mother the $500 ACTC.. She told me he is very private and will probably NOT let her see his return.

How about an ex-client who has her daughter use an app to file mom's return.  Mom is pestering daughter to file the return while daughter is multi-tasking.  Daughter enters the W-2 not once but twice into the app and Mom now owes about $7,000-wait for it-and they file it anyway.  TT says she can amend return using the app on Friday March 5th.  I tell her we can amend maybe by March 25th--I don't even want to mention a superseded return.  Is it any wonder sometimes I hate children!

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Level 15

Makes you ask who is in charge in those households  !

Level 15

"Are some of my clients dumber that dirt"

More than I care to admit to😢

But then again, some of those clients are still brighter than some of the rocket scientists posting questions here.😀

Slava Ukraini!