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1099 NEC

Level 4

Where in the world is the form 1099- NEC? Can't find it in Basic or professional version.

It should be easy, like 1099- Misc, but now I really feel dumb or blind for asking this question. Can't see it. Any guide would be great. Thanks

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Level 13

Why do you need It? Certainly not for Schedule C.

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Level 4

Actually I found in Sch C. Well, it does not show up on the checklist of Income, nor does it show up on the search. The only way to find it is right in Schedule C. Intuit needs to add it in search box of Where to enter and also on the Checklist of income. Thanks

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Level 15
Level 15

CTRL + F   99NEC should bring it up

But as mentioned above you dont need to enter the actual form, experienced preparers just list total income on Line 1 of the Sch C, whether a 1099 has been received or not.