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1040-V prints when electronic payment selected

My client extended his federal return and electronically paid $12,000 which was successfully withdrawn. Upon completing his return, he owes an additional $751. I have selected that $751 also be paid electronically but Form 1040-V also prints and is disclosed in the client letter along with the payment being made electronically.

How do I stop Form 1040-V from printing and not be included with the client letter?

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Same thing at my place. IRonMaN thinks it is an oops by Intuit. I tend to agree. Hope they fix it soon! What an annoyance!

Level 15

I would try this: go to print options, control which forms to print, go down to 1040-v, go to filing copy column, mark " if required " for 1040-v. 

Level 15

Since it is a bug, I don't think that will work.  Maybe someone could get a really big can of Raid and try spraying it on Intuit's computers.

Slava Ukraini!
Level 7

I fixed this and am trying to remember exactly how as I am responding from home.

To get rid of this, go to Info Page and uncheck the "file extension electronically" box (it's either that one or "pay extension electronically" box). Then, print your client his copy. You will not get the 1040-V. Once finished, you can recheck the box and save your file.