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I scheduled an Federal 1040 estimate to be paid on September 15; it wasn't.  WHY?

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Wrong bank information. Incorrect data input. .... We have absolutely no idea. If you are certain in was not withdrawn and you need to make the payment, I suggest you do it online. If this for federal use https://www.irs.gov/payments/direct-pay

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The bank information was correct, the amount to be paid was entered and the letter to the Client stated that it would be paid. 

Yes, I am absolutely sure the tax wasn't paid.  The client has complained about it not being paid. Payment was made after Client complaint.

I appreciate your help anyway.

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@lillprice wrote:

... Payment was made after Client complaint....

@lillprice Just curious.  Do you mean your client made the payment directly or was the payment by ACH transacted after the complaint, if so, how long after 9/15?

You probably have checked all the right boxes but just to be sure, did you completed all of the following under General > Misc. Info./Direct Deposit before submitting the return for e-filing?

  • Check the box for Bank account information verified under the Direct Deposit of Refund / Electronic Payment section;
  • Check the box for Electronic payment of estimated tax under the 2020 Estimated Tax section; and
  • Complete all the details under Financial Institution #1

The silver lining is that I don't recall seeing similar complaints from others so far this year.  But even if it's an isolated case, provided you have made all the necessary input, Intuit should probably look into it to make sure it doesn't recur.

@IntuitAustin @IntuitBettyJo FYI.  Thanks!

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