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Federal return rejected for form 4972 ind

Level 3

I just got a rejection for Code IND-132, "if Form 4972 ind in the return is checked, then Form 4972 must be attached to Form 4972 inc". 

Stated solution is, "this electronic filing reject is the result of a defect in the tax program. This reject will be corrected in a future release". 

Form 4972 has to do with lump sum distributions and there is none of that in the return. I don't know if this is an Intuit defect or a IRS defect.

Question is, do I wait a while and refile or will Intuit or IRS correct and accept automatically.


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Level 15

Neither Intuit or IRS will correct it.

You'll have to resubmit it.

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Level 11

Just had this pop up - Did you get it to work just by reconverting and submitting again?

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Level 3

Actually waited for several days and then refiled. IRS had fixed the issue. 

Thanks for asking.  

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