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Please change reflect the date change in state estimated payment schedule in the letter

Level 7

For many reasons we want to make a state (VA in my case) estimated payment earlier, just as we want to pay tax due earlier, but when I enter an earlier date, it is not reflected in the estimated payment schedule in the letter, nor in the form.

I have an "idea" to have the changed dates reflected in the estimated payment schedule in the letter.


While this "idea" is obvious to correct a bug, but I have contacted the support, and the agent told me it is not a bug and insists that I post to this broad. He said:

- "however our developer team do not see that this is a bug in the software"
- "I am truly sorry but those dates cannot be customized dates in the program."
- "the only way to have customized dates on the client letter, is to create and attach a pdf copy of a client letter that you have created."

This was said after I have shown him that the Q4 date can be changed, the federal dates can be changed, and schedule listed in the letter does not reflect the reality. There is no other ways for me to have a bug report created, so I post here following the suggestion. 

Click this link to vote. Like many good things in life, we have to fight for them.
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