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Idea for Intuit to Keep Track of Open Issues

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Idea for Intuit to Keep Track of Open Issues


When we encounter an issue with Proconnect, we contact support. The support team is very proficient at helping with tasks such as where to enter a client's name, address, and social security number. However, more complex issues often need to be escalated and followed up, which currently lacks a proper mechanism.

Support will direct us to post on this idea board. However, this board is merely for feedback and no action is taken unless the issue becomes popular. Posts that do not receive 50 votes will be archived. While some issues may be less common, they are critical for those affected and need resolution.

When asked to create a case, support agents often respond that they cannot. They also claim they are not tax professionals and do not fully understand the issues. This is puzzling since Proconnect is designed for tax professionals. Shouldn't support for tax professionals have at least the same level of expertise, just like a teacher should know as much as the students in order to teach?

Additionally, promises that the development team will follow up by email are often unmet. For example, I have never received a response on conversation 15116234889 and have no visibility into its status, rendering the reference number practically useless, and the issue remains in the limbo. 

Due to this inadequate support, many of my issues remain unresolved. If you are experiencing the same situation, please vote FOR this idea. Once a post receives 50 votes, it cannot be deleted, so this post can at least serve as a reminder for them. Thank you!

Status: New
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