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I have a return that says it was accepted by the IRS on January 30 , 2024


But, when I use the "Where's My Refund" tool for this return, it doesn't show that there is record of the IRS receiving the return. 

It's states that it's been received but no accepted or sent. 

If I log onto there "link" it shows its been accepted and "almost" sent as its at the end but circled green. 

Does this mean, I should expect my refund any day now? I'm not sure which one to follow as I'd think the "where is my refund" would be accurate.  

Please could someone advise. 

Thank you 

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Level 15

Does your refund include Earned Income Tax Credit or refundable Child Tax Credit?

If yes, IRS does not release those refunds until February 27th.

Level 1

Thanks for responding, my return does include earned income tax credit. 

But it states the estimated date is today 02/20? Does that mean I still have to wait until the 27th? But what's concerning me is that on "where's my tax refund" it hasn't even been accepted yet? 

Does this mean anything or have they just not updated their system? 

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