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Concerns Over the Archiving of Ideas with Limited Votes

Level 7

I recently received a notice stating, 'Just to let you know, ideas submitted older than 3 years and less than 50 votes will be archived.' I strongly disagree with this policy.

Like many groundbreaking scientific discoveries, an idea's immediate usefulness may not be apparent, yet it can evolve to become essential in our lives. I, for one, have greatly benefited from articles in discussion forums that were posted many years ago. Furthermore, with the capabilities of modern search and sorting mechanisms, the need for archiving based on age and popularity seems technically unnecessary and potentially counterproductive. When I encounter a problem, my focus is on finding a solution, regardless of the problem's popularity.

Over time, I've contributed numerous ideas, investing significant time and effort. Unfortunately, the return on this investment often felt minimal or nonexistent. This latest notice feels like the final blow, diminishing the value of the contributions made by individuals like myself who dedicated time to share their thoughts and innovations.

-- Click https://accountants.intuit.com/community/proconnect-tax-idea-exchange/request-a-case-management-tool... to vote FOR the idea if you need to report and keep track of Intuit software defects.

Click this link to vote. Like many good things in life, we have to fight for them.
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