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Texas Franchise Combined Reporting, suppress 05-166 - critical diagnostic 60174

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Texas Franchise Combined Reporting, suppress 05-166 - critical diagnostic 60174


Requesting to please urgently re- issue the check box for Combined Reporting that allowed to suppress the Form 05-166.  We found the box on 4/3/2024 (see snip below for evidence of its temporary existence):


I tested this in one of my partnership returns that was under the "no tax due" filing threshold and had both a reporting entity and affiliate entity.  That day - 4/3/2024 - the partnership Texas Combined Report (only the 2 Forms 05-102) were filed and accepted by Texas through Lacerte utilizing the check box above.  We let the rest of our firm know to do this and very quickly - the box just disappeared.  It has never come back and we are on the most recent release of 44.0418.  

Yes - I know we can do "mock" returns for the affiliates and file under there.  Or we could web file on the Texas Web File, but why did Lacerte add and then remove this ability to file successfully in the program itself?  And why can't this be added back?  It's 4/19/20247 and the Texas Reports are due 5/15/2024.  This is an urgent issue to be resolved.  

Many thanks for your time and consideration of such a critical and important filing need.  

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When will this be fixed?

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