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PDF Version of Organizer


My clients are requesting FILLABLE organizers.  Can you make this happen so we can stop with the paper organizers?   The e-organizer is not something most of my clients can work with so a fillable PDF would be great. 

Thank you for your feedback and votes. 
We understand this is an opportunity not only for Lacerte but for many accountants using Intuit products. This idea continues to be Under Review as the team is researching options for a holistic approach on this topic. 

Please continue to share your feedback as we develop and scope next steps for bringing this enhancement to life. 

Status: Under review
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Office Princess
New Member

Totally agree!!

Returning Member

A fillable pdf organizer would be a huge cost and time saver for both the CPA and the client.

Level 2

Tax organizer (not questionnaire) omits any fields for advance payments received (stimulus checks).  Default questionnaire has one question, which is general and useless.  Tech support informed me that organizers will NOT be updated since the October 2020 version.  Organizer team is MIA.  It's not only ugly in format, but it's hard to see fields and fill out.  

Never mind that it's terribly outdated and not fillable.  

Questionnaire is ridiculous.  USELESS for gathering information for tax prep unless coupled by sit down interviews or endless follow ups.  We cannot compete with enforced old technology when some clients have defected to on-line solutions.  Custom questionnaire is unworkable.  Seems like an appeasement to higher-end Lacerte users, but it does not offer same features for write in commentary by clients.

Every year Lacerte seems to get worse, and to make up for it, they increase their price.  Worse client interface and higher prices.  YAY.  GO LACERTE!  

Level 4

Tom5, we customize our questionnaire quite a bit, including stimulus payment questions and PPP this year.


We then print out ONE copy of it to PDF, put the fields on it a single time ourselves, and then marry that finished version back into the PDF versions of the organizers that get sent out to clients.


It is comparatively easy to do; the time consuming part is lining up all of the yes/no boxes for each question.

Level 2

Our clients ask us for this every year. The E-Organizer is not a viable option. Please make this happen!

Level 2

Agree 100%

Level 2

There are more people than i thought who have the same observations.  If we listen to the tech support guys, they tell me (presumably with an honest fact) that i'm the only one they've talked to with the same concerns amongst the 45,000 other Laerte firms.  Every one a perfect liar, even after i point out i'm one of 45,000 firms.  45,000 firms means more than 100,000 users, with probably over half million tax returns, and I'M THE ONLY ONE?  

Heartening to hear from you and the others who have posted their similar experiences and frustrations, all to no avail.  Particularly glad to hear from some high-end users.  .I've seen endless other Lacerte preparers' tax returns here who don't even enter the client's name in the cover letter.  Shameless morons.  I heard the most frequent tech support call is when Lacerte users call about not being able to open the program.  Turns out the capslock key is engaged.     

There's no option by defecting to Drake.  It's beyond worse.  It's impossible.  Stuck with Lacerte, and Intuit knows it.  Mediocrity prevails. No wonder the public regards our work as a commodity.  We've all trained them to think that way, especially when we have mediocre tools like Lacerte which dominates our profession. 

Level 2

in addition to the yes/no questions, we also need a text field where the clients can enter notes or commentary on selected questions where explanations would be useful.  Then, perhaps, at the end, a text field where we can allow a catch-all place for general or other commentary not otherwise available elsewhere on the questionnaire.  My 2 cents.  

Level 2

We would very much like this also!

Level 1

Agreed.  It needs to be simple like condensed organizer that we can modify questionairre.  If my clients had to fill in your existing e-organizer, they would say they will just do their own on turbo tax.  Hmmmm

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