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Notification requirement change for K-3

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Notification requirement change for K-3


With the most recent revision to the Form 1065 instructions, I am requesting that the software include a checkbox option (similar to an election) for notifying partners and S-shareholders of the domestic filing exception as a footnote/statement to the K-1.

This exception requires notification that the Schedule K-3 would not be issued (if meeting the other requirements) unless the partner requests one. The most recent revision allows for the notification to be included WITH THE K-1, as an attachment. Please include a checkbox so that we do not need to manually add/type the notification for each partner/shareholder.

Status: New
Vote now if this is a good idea

I don't see that this was added.  Can Proseries let us know if there is a checkbox and where.

Level 15

It was a Lacerte request, not a ProSeries request.  And trust me, just because someone requests something, it doesn't mean that Intuit is over going to grant the request.  Your odds of finding a genie in a bottle granting your wishes are much higher than Intuit fulfilling your wish list.

Level 15

Especially a three week old request.  

Hell, some of the requests around here are three DECADES old ( like, maybe, fillable organizers???)

Level 3

Same thing happened last year with the 7203. At first Lacerte was firm that that they weren't going to include it. Enough people complained that they finally relented. Vote this thing up. No excuse for this not to be in the software.

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