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Lacerte Single Sign On (SSO)

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Lacerte Single Sign On (SSO)


Frequently our Tax Professionals need to access multiple years of Lacerte, generally for the same client.  It makes no sense for a user, who is already signed in, to need to sign in multiple times on the same machine to access other versions of the program.

I would like to see Single Sign On applied to Lacerte Login access across all versions of Lacerte that require credentials (2016 and up I believe) and that the time out period should be based upon the last use of any open version.

Under review---Thanks for your feedback on the enhancement to use single sign-on to access the current and prior year products. The team is looking to implement this and is planning out next steps. Thanks for your patience and participation in Idea Exchange. 

Status: Under review
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Level 15

It's not Intuit you need to talk to.  You'll need to speak with the IRS and may be your Congressman or Senator.  If this this what you really want, you may also need to brush up on what Pub 4557 says.



Level 5

I have looked at the pubs and fail to see anything that is inconsistent with this, other than maybe the time out period I suggest.  I could live with that.

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I had to sign on in Firefox to vote for this, even tho I arrived on link from Lacerte. Also for some reason Firefox is not remembering me and I have to do Captcha AND 2FA each time I sign on to Intuit in Firefox.

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Such a single sign-on for multiple years would be very helpful!

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Agreed, we also use some Thomson Reuters products, once signed into one of them we don't have to continually login to each program we open after that.

Status changed to: Under review

Thank you for this suggestion! 


I like this suggestion!

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@IntuitGabiPlease see my related post


With the upcoming (or is tomorrow today) implementation of 2FA, this should be included in the SSO functionality.  I should not need to authenticate each time.  Maybe it's implied, but I wish to be clear.

Indirectly related is what happens (or actually does NOT happen) when Lacerte times out.  The program is open in the background with a login window on top.  This does NOT close the session (The URN files still exists) until Lacerte is totally closed.  This causes an issue with applying updates.  As the URN is created at the time the login window opens, a NEW approach is needed.  (ie and Your Session has ended message with a button to open the Sign In window => Specifically freeing the session)

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Is there a way to edit the session time out? Our computers are set to log out after 10 minutes of in-activity for security, but is there a way to extend the session time out for Lacerte? This new update really is inconvenient. I agree with the security feature of it but with our computer security I feel we are adequately covered. 

Thank you

Jean Guy Tax Guy
Returning Member

Since prior years are not a large identity theft problem, maybe you  could turn off the  "timer"   after the filing deadline so we could keep the prior year open.  

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