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Searching for Other Partners

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Greets! Wrapping up a few extended clients, and I am entering a new partnership K-1 prepared by another accountant (IOW, the partnerships is not our client). While I filled in the EIN it automagically filled in the partnership name, which I presume means that another of our clients is also a partner. Is there any search mechanism that will allow me to find out who that other partner may be? Thanks!

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Level 11
Level 11

Having a table entry for the partnership means that at one point you had a client who was a partner, but you don't necessarily currently have a client who is currently a partner.


There is no easy way to identify who that other client is or was. If I wanted to take a stab at it, I would go into 2021 Lacerte, print the K-1 organizer page to PDF for all clients, squish them all into one PDF file, then use Find to search for the partnership name or EIN.

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