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Populate Client information easily?

Level 4

I have been lax and do not have salutations, emails and phone numbers in the client info for the majority of my clients.  Does anyone have tips for a quick and easy way to populate?  Or do I have to open each client and then copy and paste each email and phone number (sigh). Something to do with eggnog I guess.  Fingers crossed an easier way.  And no, I do not use IPM.  thanks!

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Use digital telepathy?

Rum is very helpful in doing this. 

Here's wishing you many Happy Returns
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George is just being silly with his answer.  It can't be done ------------------------ but you might want to pick up an Ouija Board and give that a try ----------- it couldn't hurt.👻

Slava Ukraini!
Level 4

See this thread, which has fundamentally the same answer.  (There, the user is trying to change the Preparer/Staff Preparer fields.  You want to make similar changes, just to different fields.)

Including specifically where I link to the articles where the SDK is available.  Create your ODBC connection, and then use your software of choice to look at the table of client data and fill in what you need to.

If you already have that information somewhere else (like in your CRM software), you can use a script or macro to say "find this client #, if <this field, like "salutation"> is blank then fill in <this value, from source data>."

Robert Kirk