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PA Gambling losses not transferring to shcedule T

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After entering Gambling Losses to Lacerte the Losses are not showing up on schedule T on the PA return . Anyone having this issue?

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I am having this exact issue. Does anyone check this board??

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Intuit staff rarely come here.

Does PA allow gambling losses?


Thank you for responding! Yes PA allows losses to offset winnings. They have a Schedule T that has a specific line for listing gambling losses (line 4)  PA asks Taxpayer and spouses use separate columns. Proconnect allows me to list the gambling losses on the blue link in the W2G income section but does not allow me to code it T or S, does not allow an override in the PA section and it carries nothing to the PA Schedule T. 

Level 15

Pro Series is taking care of it correctly. In federal module enter the winnings and make sure you put taxpayer or spouse. Then in itemized deduction worksheet enter the gambling losses up to the gambling winnings and make sure you put taxpayer or spouse. Then in Pennsylvania module make sure schedule T is for that respective taxpayer or spouse and it should prepare it correctly, or at least it does in Pro Series.

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Found it! Go to PA income (I know seems backwards which is why I couldn't find it).. last choice allows you to enter Gambling Winnings under the T and S column. Hope this helps someone else. 

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