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EF Transmission error

Pablo Escobar
Level 2


I am going thru living hell; I am getting an error message 'Error occurred with background processing of EF transmissions' every time I move between clients or move between modules. It's been going on for two weeks. I have called Lacerte 7 times, have spent 3 hours one time with a tech, no matter what  they do, the error message keeps on coming back. I have used Lacerte for 21 years, never ever have come across anything like this.   Now when I move between S-Corp and personal module, a lot of times my screen freezes and I have to restart my computer. Do you guys have any suggestions? Thanks. 

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Mel - LLS
Level 1

Same problem here, been happening since Friday. I have found the fix and done it over and over again, and it's not working.


The fix is suppossedly

1) Close Lacerte

2) go to Your Drive\lacerte\21TAX\Option21

and rename the "EF" folder Ef.old. Then restart Lacerte. There are numerous old threads about this, but it no longer seems to work. 

Pablo Escobar
Level 2

Lacerte Reps tried it multiple times but the problem keeps on coming back in 5-10 minutes after fixing it. Very persistent. 

Mel - LLS
Level 1

Yes, same here. I went through this with Lacerte Reps on Friday - now I have my IT checking our virus and firewall settings per Lacerte's suggestion. I would think if that were the problem all years would be affected and it's only happening in 2021.

Now I see all the other times this has been an issue in the past, and others having the same issue as now. Very frustrated.

Pablo Escobar
Level 2

Same here. Only happening to 2021. All other years are fine. So that tells me it's 2021 issue, not my computer. But it's very frustrating. Seems like Lacerte has no fix for it. 

Level 1

same here. i do the fix and it keeps happening........

Level 15


Another unhappy customer that's being ignored by support.  @Pablo Escobar 

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