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Intuit Link

Jackie M
Level 2

This is getting ridiculous. It is 2023 and many "spouses" request to fill out their tax organizer/ have it defaulted to send to them year after year. As far as I can tell, there is no simple way to do this and the program will always default to the taxpayer. If I change the email in Intuit Link manually, then the spouse is more likely to have problems logging in or not able to access the questionnaire/document request. Not to mention, the amount of time that is spent troubleshooting with the client. Since the organizer is sent in the 2021 program, the file is locked and should not be altered and it is incorrect to have to change the taxpayer's email to the spouse. You used to be able to send the organizer to the spouse via Intuit Link, why did they stop this and make it so difficult for tax preparers? Who am I billing for my wasted time troubleshooting glitchy software? 

Solutions anyone? 

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I cannot agree more with this post. All other competitor products integrate this in their tax organizer while it's still not possible with Intuit Link.