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Encryption of Data at Rest

User FIDO 61
Level 8

From Thom$on T@x (U1tra T@x) support, and I quote:

At this time, we do not have guidance on using BitLocker or other encryption tools with ... data. I am not aware of any problems that this would cause, although it may decrease system performance. Please note that if there are performance issues with BitLocker enabled, our support team may have limited resources to assist (and we may need you to disable BitLocker or move the data to an unencrypted location as a troubleshooting step).

Yes, we do not offer support for data stored on encrypted drives, so any issues involving (Microsoft) BitLocker, may inhibit troubleshooting. Yes, especially SQL applications.

I gladly will quote Intuit's drive encryption stance, however I have yet to discover it. Pretty please a little help? @IntuitGabi @AshleyatIntuit  @kreinard @Jack4 @IntuitKatieB @ssanchez @mdavolio @Kathi_at_Intuit 


PS. Should this posting placement run afoul of Community luminaries I am open to all suggestions where best it should have been posted rather than Lacerte Tax. Perhaps if there was an "All Hands" category? Post Community-wide for relevant technology questions. Anyone who is not using a Hosted solution will hit this wall eventually on premises. No, Intuit is not my IT Department, I merely want to know the instructions for successful use of their product that I pay dearly to license. Again, thanks

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HI @User FIDO 61 There's been no issue enabling Bitlocker (that we know of). We've been able to run the program fine with it on our machines here. 

Followed up on your comment here to rely the same. 

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