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I e-filed a client yesterday, today they call with another 1099, since lacerte is holding the e-files for a while, can i somehow retrieve that file before it is sent to the IRS?

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Lesson learned - hold them yourself instead of letting Intuit hold them.  You can fix 'em if you have 'em but you have to amend if Intuit has 'em.  Unless of course the return gets rejected for some other reason.

Slava Ukraini!
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"can i somehow retrieve that file"

You are warned by Intuit notifications that there is no Recovery from sending it to them too early, which is why it helps not to be sending files this soon. The mailings of the reporting forms for your clients are just now happening. You didn't mention which 1099 they got, or if you already included that info in the return, but you should stop trying to beat the clock and wait until things are ready.

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@IRonMaN "Lesson learned"

No.  "Opportunity knocks"

Fee for amended return:  Same as what you charged for the original, plus $50 processing and handling.

Cost of amended-return insurance next year for anyone wanting to file before February 15:  $50.  If you get another W-2 or 1099, it's covered.  


This may surprise you, but your question is posted two or three times a day by other early e-filers who may have tried to find an answer on this message board, which has a dysfunctional Search.  

Before you return, @IRonMaN is going to post instructions on how to spread an IRA or pension distribution over three years and avoid the 10% penalty, and a reminder that the $600 charitable adjustment doesn't kick in until next year.  He's going to post that every three hours so that it will be near the top of the message board at all times.  Just because he's a great guy.  


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It's a dirty job but someone has to do it.  😥

Slava Ukraini!
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