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The following diagnostic is generating:

Per the e-File Business Rules, the Payment Amount on the IRS Payment Record must not be more than 200% of the amount on Form 1040, Amount you owe.


According to the diagnostic, the return should be paper filed. To remove the diagnostic so that the return can be e-filed. Print the Penalties and Interest Worksheet and Statement. Print the Client Letter with the correct amount for the taxpayer's remittance. Go to Screen 8, Penalties & Interest. Scroll down to the Late Return Penalty & Interest section. Remove amounts from this section and e-file the return.


If you are attempting to e-file a 1040X amended return, this diagnostic is triggering in error and will be corrected in a program update available November 11th.  Prior to the update being available, if you wish to e-file the amended return now, in Screen 3 of the Lacerte program, please enter a '-1' in the field "Form 1040 payment (defaults to amount due) [Override]" on Misc Info/Direct Deposit screen to clear the diagnostic.

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I have this diagnostic in an individual return so this diagnostic is not appropriate....

This is the return where I had the following problem:

Unable to determine how you calculate late filing and late payment penalty.  Your program works by inputting numbers 1 on the appropriate penalty screen in the fiduciary return BUT NOT IN THE INDIVIDUAL RETURNS.  A very nice individual tried to figure it out to no avail and I was told that a senior person told him that there was a place to OVERRITE so I can get my answer that way! 

Check installment agreement. You could have set it up and made changes to return where they owe less now and the installment agreement does not make sense. Had this happen on 1040