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IRS refund delayed

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My client's tax 2019 return was electronically accepted  by the IRS on 3/8/20, a month ago. As of today, 4/9/20, per the IRS website  the refund is in process.  Because of the  COVID 19, the IRS is not taking any live phone calls from taxpayers.  What should I tell my client?  How can I find out more information on status of their return other than the "where's my return website"? 

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You cannot. There is no further information beyond "Where's My Refund?"

Whatever the pieces in motion, now tax return Refunds are Delayed see here

"We are getting hundreds of reports of delayed actual tax refunds now"

Client must wait 😢 🎻

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I have this happening to some of my clients, too. The sad thing is, some of my clients are getting their refunds in less than a week !!!! I know, crazy, but some are just not getting through.

This is what happens when you have a president who slashes funding for programs like "IRS" while increasing spending in those exact same programs.

(Sorry, I try not to get political, but seriously.... you can't cut funding AND increase spending. How does anyone not get this?)

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I think I heard the answer somewhere - tv perhaps--

you are a nasty reporter, you will not make it


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It's been 3 months that my client did not get refund. I spoke to a live person on the IRS practioner hotline. IRS is attempting to process the refund.


Anyone else have this problem with their tax clients.

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yes, I have one in a similar situation.  newly widowed too.  IRS website says it's processing.  the state sent their refund.

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here is the latest, I filed efiled the 2019 tax return on 3/8/20/  It's still in the IRS error resolution department.  There is a assigned taxpayer advocate ( form 911 prepared) but she never returns phone calls.

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