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Software discounts

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Software discounts


For every "accepted" solution, the person that provided a correct answer gets $19.99 off of their cost of software for the next year.  Intuit wants to show how well this place works by having "solutions" showing up across the board, so about putting some teeth the process?  This place is being used in place of support, so why not pay those folks providing support?

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Amen!!  Support is really lacking.   Getting an intelligent person is very rare.  It sucks to have to call back 2 or 3 times to get real help.

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I like the idea, but they won't give you discount for the bugs found or answer provided because the very purpose of the this board is to take advantage of us.

They manage the software as if it is a freeware with community support. If they were to manage the software as a commercial software, then they would accept cases, publish known bugs, etc. Please support my idea to let them provide support as a true software company, click <a href="https://proconnect.intuit.com/community/proconnect-tax-idea-exchange/request-a-case-management-tool-...">this link</a> to upvote.

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