TaxProTalk Thank You Notes
TaxProTalk Thank You Notes

TaxProTalk: Thank You Notes

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In this episode of TaxProTalk (#TPT), Tony and Jim write thank you notes as they reflect on tax season.

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4 responses to “TaxProTalk: Thank You Notes”

    • Roger, Thanks for the feedback and sorry our sense of humor didn’t hit the mark. We believe work should be fun and with so much to communicate this year, we are testing out video as a communication channel. Just ignore future TaxProTalk posts if you don’t like our style. If you’d like to connect offline, feel free to email me at

  1. Guys,
    Enjoyed the TPTs this season. Most if not all of them were informative and helpful in helping us achieve a fantastic spring tax season. They were short and sweet, so lengths were perfect for time constrained period. Hope they are continued next year. Now, onto to extended client returns.

    Sincerely, Lacerte User SJM.

    • Thank you, Scott! We appreciate the feedback and very glad to hear you had a fantastic tax season!